Ron talks about his pride and joy – his lovely son.

Talk about: My son


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Regarding the first question, nature and nurture, actually i just have learnt the word nurture from the audio script, it is a verb, it means raising and taking care of young children. For example, ( you should stay at home to nurture your son).
nd nature word, it is noun, like when i say for example, ( it is nature of teenagers to argue all the time.)
I hope that i had a good answer for the question.
And very useful audio script, i like it.

Children is the happiest thing can be present in anyone's life, althought they bringing lots of tiring, but they have lots of pisitive energy in their soul, smile, kindness, every thing they do and react with you is bringing joy.
They have absoultely great ability to learn lots of news things around them, their concern all the day is to explore and discover what is happening, touching snd holding anything new for them, and putting inside their mouth to explore what is it exactly.
We are supposed to give them the chance to explore and find out what is the small world around them, in the house snd outside.

Hell, some words between brackets, as he said its a great thing ti be parent, but written (a) parent, is that mean he forgot to say ,(a)? Or its ok to say both?
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Hello Sherine,

Yes, that is correct. The speaker is not a native English speaker and there are some errors in his language. The transcript shows these,


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The LearnEnglish Team

Thanks alot Peter for the explanation.

1. I think natural skills must be promoted since that because they are part of the human being. We have a lot of exemples around the world as Mozart, schumacher, Dalai Lama, etc. All of then was encouraged to improve their skills when they were just kids.

2. When I am with an excessive amount of anything, I play videogames

3. People are amazing at all, but what really impress me at childrens are the talent of make us happy any time.

i love this one

My son is now 4 months old, and I feel you same same me. I agree with you that child can bring happy to the family and to my life. I think you're good father and me too :D

I like your story about your son.I'm a mother,my daughter is now nearly 3years old,she has been taking us so much fun although I feel tired sometimes.

Hello Sir,
Would mind explaining what's difference between unhappy and disagree? "Un & dis" both are negative prefixes but in our country sometime students get confused that why we can't use only one prefix with all the words.