Ron talks about his pride and joy – his lovely son.

Talk about: My son


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This website is very useful learning English

One of the thing that are amazing me each weeks when i am at my mentor's house is how faster his daughter growing up and start already to communicate even though she doesn't know much to speak , but she keeps trying to say new thing , that is really amazing.

children have very things for recharger your batteries !
my son likes to play football
and watch tv but the better thing is to sleep

Awww sooo cute.Children are always like sunshine in our life.

This is my first comment in here. I have a son. Being a mother is feeling really great. I can always enjoy with my little son playing, feeding, taking care of him, etc. Now he is one year and two months old. He can speak a little words and copying whatever he's watching from TV programme is funny. Our family have wonderful time with him.

What I understand from the phrase "nature versus nurture" I think it implies that nature has its own ways of taking care of things, sometimes we do the things in taking care of children that make them more vulnerable to diseases. We should not try to disturb the rules of nature in nurturing something.
Whenever I have a tiring job I often sit relaxing and listen to some nice music, sometimes I try to do meditation. Playing with my little sweetheart, my daughter, who you can see me in my profile pic makes more relaxed anything else in the world.
I have been amazed a number of times by the small acts of my daughter who is four years old now. She started dancing when she was less than one year old. I have uploaded a video on youtube wherein she was dancing on a song when she was just 11 months old. She started operating smart phones when she was less than two years of age. She would often open a game or gallery or music player whatever she wanted to do. I never feel bored in her company.

Me and my wife have been planning get a child in next five years. We wanna have two kids.

I think that having a child is blessing.It is the strongest love peoples can feel.Also I think children have had personality since they was born.We can learn much from them.Their easy way of living,enjoying in simple things,rectitude.And how they fast learn-it is amazing.I enjoy being with children.Like Dostojevski said -Being with children resting soul.


I joined to this group recently & its really interesting and .......(cant express)..

In this Podcast the speaker makes a comment" I think a child can bring enormous happiness to the family and to my life.", isn't it a general statement?. Because he says " A child..." and then "to my life", so when we make general statement & express personal feelings?

Sorry if I am wrong.


Hello Raghuveer,

'child' is a singular count noun and singular count nouns are not used without a determiner of some sort. The most general determiner is 'a' and so that is why it is used in this statement. It's true that it's kind of like a general statement, but I'd say this is more an expression of an opinion, precisely for the reason you pointed out – the person says 'my life' at the end. 

Best regards,
The LearnEnglish Team