Ron talks about his pride and joy – his lovely son.

Talk about: My son


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Hello Cathy,

Yes, it is informal.

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hi everybody from turkey :) yes this web site very good .

I have a child. My son 4 years, He very cute and fun. I have a lot of happy time beside him. I love him so much

I have two granddaughter, them every day become little person loving. I was amazed what them easy learning like to walk, speak. I love them.

for me my batteries recharge way is to hug my children.:))

hi! I'm Trang from The Academy of Finance in Vietnam. I like English, but it's little hard for me. I'm going to try my best to practice it. Could you help me?

oh.You are smarter English.Do you have add skype?I want imporve English with you.Thanks.

Hello troiungnang,

It's great that you want to practise speaking with other users, but I'm afraid that sharing Skype IDs or other personal information is prohibited by our House Rules. You're welcome to carry on a written conversation here in the comments, however.

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