It's common for interviewees to prepare answers in advance but there are things that you should avoid doing.

To some extent you can predict the kind of topics that you might be asked to talk about in the IELTS interview. This means that it is quite common for interviewees to prepare answers in advance and learn them by heart. Then, in the interview if the topic comes up they will regurgitate (verb; repeat after memorisation) their answer – whether it answers the question or not. There are several problems with this approach. 

Firstly, it is usually very clear that an answer has been memorised as it sounds very unnatural to the examiner. Examiners have a lot of experience interviewing people and they can easily see when something isn’t quite right. If they suspect that the answer has been memorised they will probably interrupt your answer and move on to another question.

Secondly, if you have memorised an answer it is very unlikely that it will actually answer the question directly and this will be another signal to the examiner that something isn’t quite right.

In summary, you should avoid trying to memorise answers, but you can still prepare for the interview by thinking about possible topics and making sure you have the vocabulary and language to talk about the topics in general.



Hello Jafin,

Watching films is very challenging because of the speed of the dialogue and the fact that it is often chaotic and confusing, with people speaking over one another, interrupting and so on. Watching with subtitles is a good idea, I think, but it simply requires patience and practice - there is no magic pill for this!

You can find more suggestions for improving different skills on our Frequently Asked Question page, including suggestions for improving listening skills.


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The LearnEnglish Team

i leave in Moscow for 3 years. Ithink that it's really beautifu city, there are a lot of interesting mueseums, fantastic theaters, beautiful parks, great monuments etc. But at the same time, i think that this city so dreadful. So much people whom don't understand their lifes. Some of them so hatefiled, dreadful. and this town have enough proplems with pollutions, couse there are much of factories, not complieted buildings, a lot of cars and othe things which pollute this city. But in conclusion i want to say that i love this big city in spite of his fast pace of life and pollution)

Thanks for attention

Hi Mr.Peter M / Mr.Krik

Myself Ghulam Rasool, I am from Larkana City which is located in Sindh province of Pakistan. It is one of the districts of Sindh province and very famous city due to well-known political leaders like Mr.Zulfiqar Ali and Benazir Bhutto.

Moreover, it is just 20 kilometers away from Mohen-jo-Daro which is very famous historic place in all over the world.
I like my city the most because of the educated people, good educational institutions, medical colleges, hospitals and many more facilities for citizens.

Is it fine if I will quote any political leader or historic place, while i am introducing myself or talking about my city.

Looking forward your advice in this regard.

Many Thanks,

Hello grsoomro,

Yes, you are welcome to post comments about where you live. If you have any questions about what you can write here, please review our House Rules for guidelines on what is permitted and not permitted on LearnEnglish.

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So nice of you sir (:

Hi Sir,
"I am Sangi from Trichy which is the center part of Tamilnadu Province in India and it is located in the south of the country which is very from China border."

In this sentence, "which is very far from China border." refers what? Is it refer for Trichy ot South of the country?

How can I stay in the same point about Trichy. I want to describe about Trichy but how can I make up with this sentence?

Thanks in advance.

Hello sangeetha01,

As it stands, the sentence is ambiguous. To make it clear that it is Trichy which is far from the Chinese border you need to rephrase the sentence a little:

I am Sangi from Trichy, which is the center part of Tamilnadu Province in India and is located in the south of the country, far from the China border.


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I have lived in the United States nearly 2 years and I am currently going to college in here but my main problem is writing and how to inhence my writing skill to the college level;morover, I got 5 in IElts .overall, I know how to speak in English, sometimes it happens that I make people confused about me or I become confuse. Anyway, could you give me some advice I feel so dumb these days?

Hello Soooooooooooooooooof,

I'm not sure what advice I can give you in general terms. It's really a case of reading as much as possible, focusing on texts which are similar to those you need to write, and getting feedback on your writing.

You might find the British Council's TakeIELTS site helpful - it has sample texts and commentaries on these.


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The LearnEnglish Team

yes, you are right. prepare answer is unnatural but when we who are not native speaker want to speak by our information its likely to use wrong grammatically sentences when we use the new world or verb that isnt used before. what should we do?