It's common for interviewees to prepare answers in advance but there are things that you should avoid doing.

To some extent you can predict the kind of topics that you might be asked to talk about in the IELTS interview. This means that it is quite common for interviewees to prepare answers in advance and learn them by heart. Then, in the interview if the topic comes up they will regurgitate (verb; repeat after memorisation) their answer – whether it answers the question or not. There are several problems with this approach. 

Firstly, it is usually very clear that an answer has been memorised as it sounds very unnatural to the examiner. Examiners have a lot of experience interviewing people and they can easily see when something isn’t quite right. If they suspect that the answer has been memorised they will probably interrupt your answer and move on to another question.

Secondly, if you have memorised an answer it is very unlikely that it will actually answer the question directly and this will be another signal to the examiner that something isn’t quite right.

In summary, you should avoid trying to memorise answers, but you can still prepare for the interview by thinking about possible topics and making sure you have the vocabulary and language to talk about the topics in general.



hi every body, I want to improve my english so that I can pass my Ielts on june is it possible? I've an intermediate level.

Hello lazazen,

I'd suggest you read about the IELTS a bit more, as it's not an exam that you pass or fail. The best resource I know for this is TakeIELTS, which has all the information on the exam that you need, plus useful advice and even some free practice materials.

If it's possible for you, I'd also highly recommend taking an IELTS preparation course, either at the British Council in Algeria or some other school.

Good luck!

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

i got 6 bands thank you British Council

Hello ammar zehri,

That's great news – congratulations!

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hello everyone .
i am new here for IELTS EXAM preparation ,and iv just found very useful advice and Tips.
for example :i have some application on my mobile like a virtual examiner the question are coming and has to answer it in mentioned time ,everyday i am speaking my colleague here in english ,sending and getting lots of email ,when i tried to used this application even for very simple question iv just stopped .
i tried to use the same way that this guy did it but didn't worked also .
the best solution to make stronger the speaking category is to talking with a native speaker every day .

i am looking a native speaker for a while daily conversation .

please advice and your support is truly appreciated .


Hello Hashem,

Speaking daily, whether with a native speaker or not, is a great way to improve, though it's not the only way. We also like to recommend people TakeIELTS, where you can find information about the exam, as well as advice on preparing for it and even some free practice materials.

The sharing of personal information such as email address, Skype IDs and phone numbers is prohibited by our House Rules, so I'm afraid LearnEnglish is not a place where you'll be able to find a speaking partner. Our Facebook page is a bit more dynamic in this way, so you might want to take a look at it.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hello, everyone, I am new here, this website is really useful and it's exciting to find it for me, what a pity! I didn't know it until today and I am going to take the ielts exam on 30th Jan. I plan to study English with the help of this website from now on. Good luck to me and thanks the British Council very much for this free public service.

Hello Kevin,

Welcome and we're glad you found us! We look forward to seeing you around here, but I also wanted to suggest you look at TakeIELTS before you take your exam. There's a lot of useful information and even some free practice materials there.

Good luck on your test!

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hello everyone. I'm new in this web site so i need some help at searching for a teacher or some English speaker who is learning Spanish. I speak Spanish and some English. I would thank some help.

Hello Camilo Andrés,

Welcome to LearnEnglish! I'm sure you'll have a great time here and will improve your English.

I'm afraid we don't organise individual teachers here, and we don't allow any advertising by teachers, so we can't help you find a teacher other than by suggesting you visit the British Council site for your country.

We do provide help with the material on our pages. If you have a question about the material then please post it in the comments section on the relevant page and we'll get back to you just as I am doing now.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team