It might be better to express a negative opinion if that gives you more to say.

What would you do if you were asked in an interview to talk about how you feel about your hometown if in fact you really disliked living there?

Some people might think that by being truthful in this situation and giving a negative answer that this would not be the right thing to do and instead you should lie and talk about how you love living there to give a more positive sounding answer.

Actually, truthfulness is not important and neither is giving a negative opinion of something. The important thing is that you have something to express. If you have more to say by being truthful, even if it is expressing a negative opinion, then that is what you should talk about.

It would be much better to say “Actually I don’t really like my hometown….” and follow it up with your reasons for disliking it than to say “I like my hometown…” and then struggle to find anything to say.

In this video you will see how Joao deals with this situation in the best way.



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Telling a truth is more natural that the examiner can easily observe, on the other hand, if you lie one'll have to lie more to justify it that will not seem so natural. So, you'll caught by the examiner for cheating........


I agree with your advice to avoid creating a complicated lie. However, it's not cheating to lie in the IELTS speaking test. The examiners only assess your English, not your honesty.

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Well, I absolutely agree with u.

Its really awesome.. its really lovely ... but study depends on by a student. Read more Learn more. make your english basement strong .. :)

nice to built live on solid base when to speak truth.Should do not demolish with lies.
                                    think you.

 i 'll never lie.

truth... all is well :)

i think telling the truth is very important provide you with being comfortable and  your personality will be  more strong
if you are telling lies this mean that you are scared and you don't have responsibility

If you are just explaining the things to show that you are confident enough to explain the situation and have good comm skill or ability to explain the things to convince the people around you , then it is ok .But giving such type of answer during a job interview might not give a good impression to the interviewer and he might think, this guy have a bundle of problem with him and how can he adjust in a new team. ultimately company will prefer to work with the guys who is not only very professional but good team mate also.