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Hello Taburuea Mikaio,

Yes, the sentence has both present tense ('is') and past tense ('entered') verbs in it. It's a complex sentence. I would suggest removing 'myself' and saying 'This is my story when ...' or even just 'This is the story of when ...'

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what is the meaning of underline on
"underline key words"

underline means:"make a line under a word"

Hello etamar,

Underline is something you do to words with a pen.


This is underlined.

This is not underlined.


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The tips would definitely help a lot to understand. Need more practice and write feedbacks to improve my skills.
Thanks a lot for British counsel for helping many people to crackdown the IELTS.

Assalam o alaikum!
Tips are very interesting and helpful. my test is on March 18th, 2017.. i practiced every part of IELTS but still my legs are trembling. I am still looking for all the tips available on this site. I just hope i get good bands in my exam.
Fingers crossed !
P.S: Thank you to Learn English Team
Wish me Luck ;)
Prays !

Hello Haniyya Sardar,

Have you seen TakeIELTS? It has lots of good information, advice and even some free practice materials that might help you. I'd also recommend the British Council IELTS YouTube Channel and there are also ideas on preparing for the IELTS on our Facebook page from time to time.

Best of luck to you on your IELTS -- please do let us know how you do!

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It's interesting and helpful for me.

it is so intersting tip but i went to meet such firand to be improve my commniction skill pleas tell me how can i get ......

Hi Dejen Andualm,

In my response to your other message, I gave you some advice on how to do this for general purposes. To prepare for the IELTS, I'd also suggest our Interview Skills section and TakeIELTS.

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