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Hello Dr. MRA
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Md. Kohinoor Hossain

Greetings! I have one question on the Listening section. While writing an answer is it necessary to write given number of words.
For Example, what time the bus starts? is the question and answer limit is 3 words.
Half past seven is the answer from audio, but while coping answer wrote as 7:30 PM.
Will it be correct answer? Please advise. Thanks.

Hi Bala,

This should be specified in the rubric of the question. Generally the rubric looks like this:

Write no more than two words and/or a number for each answer. 

It should be clear when 'a number' is accepted.

For questions about the IELTS test, and for advice, practice materials and mock exam papers, please visit our site for IELTS candidates: TakeIELTS. I'm sure it will be very helpful, and you can ask questions there if anything is unclear about the test format or rules.


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how to study ielts from zero

Hello abdus salam,

The best place to find information and guidance on studying for IELTS is our site for IELTS candidates - TakeIELTS. You can find preparation materials there, sample answers, practice tests and information about the exam. You can also ask any questions you have about the exam.


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nice video

ya hi..i will go for the test on 24sep, hope can borrow that 2 s'porean lady's (april and bee) confidence get band 7, aiming high la..

I am really confused about the singular and plural form of noun(or nouns). I badly need some tips to avoid these. It is really difficult to identify.

Hello nirmal098,

Could you please explain your problem a bit more? For example, are you speaking about IELTS listening exercises? Or in grammar exercises? In general? Once we know more a bit about the problem, we'll do our best to provide you some useful advice.

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