Do the exercises to improve your vocabulary for air travel.



When I'm on board of an airplane I always sleep

I travelled many times by air, and went to many country. Sometimes I travelled for business, but I did't enjoy that. I remember the first time I want to USA, and back to Taiwan, My last location is Boston, and the nearly international airport is NewYork, but the travel agency setting the schedule is flight to LA, and LA back to Taiwan. I didn't remember how much time I spend, I only remember it is long flight.

Yes, I have travelled by air. The longest flight I have taken was from Brazil to Sweden. I think it was about 16 hours.

I travelled some place by airplane, example Ho Chi Minh City, Hue, Danang City, Nha Trang (Vietnam), Bangkok (Thailand) and Singapore. The longest flight I have taken is Hanoi - Bangkok, it is about two hours and half.

I am never travelling by plan, but I hope after three or six months travelling to study master
Thank you for this lesson

Yes, I have travelled to many countries, which is near to Taiwan country.
However, I went to Japan with my family. And the flight probably spent two hours or more.

Yes, I like to travel by plane, because I thing is faster, the longest flight I have taken was to Mexico City.

I've never travelled by air, but i would like to go in future.

The longest flight I have ever made was from San Francisco, California to Singapur. Seventeen and a half hours :(

I cannot count how many times I've travelled by air. As an expat worker, I have to fly and catch a plane regulary.
My longest flight was a couple a years ago, when I went to French Guiana from France. Maybe fifteen hour flight.