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I failed when I indicate "duty free" is one thing located on an airport. Now I remember that there are additional services on the plane, duty free...

I've flown so many times, mostly from St. Petersburg to Agarsk town, located in the Eastern Siberia, and back. The longest flight in my life was approximately in 2006, when I visited St. Petersburg for the first time.

Hello Everyone
I traveled so many time but my long trip was for 16 hours from Mumbai to Birmingham. I took Emirates flight so four hours halt at Dubai, It was beautiful memory.

hi!! my name is Jotham , unfortunately i have never flied by an airplane .

My longest flight was just about 4 hours fron Moskow to Tunisia. Realy not too mach.

I have travelled by air sometimes. The longest flight was when we, my wife and me, went to London, a short travel for tourism and for learn English. The travel for go was correct, but for return we stay waiting four hours delay. Afterwards a year we got a compensation.

Yes, I've travelled by air. The flight wasn't that long, it took only one hour.

As I am interested in traveling I traveled by plane several time and the longest one was from Iran to Canary island in Spain it took more than 10 hours how ever I stayed 2 hours in Doha because I traveled by Qatar airways airline.It was a fabulous travel however I traveled by my cousin and she was afraid of plane too much and whenever I opened my eyes i saw one of the flight attendant across my seat tried to make my cousin relaxed.It was an amazing travel i decided not to travel with people who have flying phobia

I took so many flights by air. The longest trip was from Riyadh, Saudi to Cairo, Egypt. The whole journey took about 8 hours. I got a transit for two hours in Dobi airport.

Hi! I have traveld by plane a few times.Flying it's more comfortable than other kind of transport ,in my opinion. But actually i haven't flown more than 3 hours and i'm glad with it.I think longer flights are will not like me..