What do you get if you cross some ants with some ticks?



Hayyyyyyyyy I am from Iraq I cant see any Joke here ... where is the joke ?

 Ants will eat ticks and no make the elephant hurt, ticks also have no chance to eat the elephant when the ants are attacking them ^^

That was cool

Hi! My name is Shaiq. I am from Azerbaijan.I am 15 years old.I love my country!Also this site is very good.Because this site help us to know English very well.I love this site too!!!

At first I was a little confuse, but reading the comments and searching the meaning of the words I understood the joke. 

i don't get the meaning of the jokes...plzz make me laugh truly..

When you have gotten used to the English language, you will get the what the punch line means. To be able to really learn a language, you must think it. You're going there. Just be patient.

This is actually funny and interesting if it is understood upon morphology in linguistics!

the right one is stupid !
 it merges the two words
so,ants + ticks became antics
:P :P

Q- If you see a blue dot on the wall that is moving, what it is?
A- An ant that wears a blue trousers.