How do you make an apple turnover?



Turnover = cake
Apple turnover = apple cake ;)

After search in dictionary, now I'm trying to laugh for this joke.... :)
Normally I read a lot, but now I wonder how much things I may miss in those books, because I don't know the exact meaning. Feel sorry for me :)

Poor apple XD

good afternoon friends i just wanted to know the meaning of "turnover" and how we can use this in our daily conversation.

Hello Hammad Ur Rahman,

I'd suggest you use the dictionary to find this kind of information. There's even a handy search box on the right side of this page – just write 'turnover' in the box and press Look it up! Be sure to read the different entries, as many words can mean different things in different contexts. The example sentences will you give ideas on how to use the words.

Good luck!

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Very English joke

It hurts :))

hello could you pls help me out to improve my spoken english. i am really very keen in learning english.