How do you make an apple turnover?



was it a joke

why do you act like a child ? -_-

nice or

i didn't get it, what kind of joke it is ?

Hi chimpa,

Look up 'turnover' in the dictionary (see the search box on the lower right) and read the third definition (cake). There is also the phrasal verb 'turn over', which means something like 'roll'.

Does that make sense now?

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The LearnEnglish Team

It was not my intention speaking about my personal issues. I have only tried to seize the opportunity to improve my english also speaking about grammar rules or something like that
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I also sincerely believe that if an application could be added in this to practice english writing through the medium of chat, it will be a great help to all the learners to improve upon the skills by correcting/suggesting each other.

Hello Neeraj,

I agree that this could be very useful. We're looking into different ways to help users increase their interaction with each other, but I'm afraid there are many issues involved, so it will take us some time to sort anything out.

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The LearnEnglish Team