I've been invited to an avoidance?

What's an avoidance?


How can they dance when they hate each other? I hope avoidance will turn as a true dance soon :)

good i like playing with words and spoonrism

very funny i liked it

ya ,that's good joke

Thats a good one.

I don't understand this joke, so I can't laugh. Can you help me understand this joke, please?

Took me a bit alsoo.....see avoiDANCE...

Hi huyendudu,

The joke is a play on words: avoidance (the noun, meaning making sure you do not have any contact with something) has the word 'dance' in it; hence 'a dance for people who...'

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The LearnEnglish Team

Dear Peter
Thank you for explaining for me to understand this joke
Nice to meet you

Dance with avoid peoples = avai + dance

nice one
ha ha ha