I've been invited to an avoidance?

What's an avoidance?


I think avoidance is a fight.

My dog laughed with this .. srsly , what kind of humor is this o.O 

i think i don"t understand 

I don't understand what's that mean

I think term of "avoidance" in this joke notify about a person who you hate him or her. Wow... it's very bad if you shall dance with a person who you hate but it's good joke. Thanks British Council Team I love you...

dance is good always but i prefer to dance with my love

In this joke avoidance mean may be avoid dance.
but, it is not really funny.

Ohhh,,,yeah,,, I soooooo much want to go there too, bet I'll be the best dancer EVER,,,LOL :)

hi,lol,it so funny,thanks