I've been invited to an avoidance?

What's an avoidance?


it's a funny joke it's amazing

hhhhh..really it's funny joke ... 

That is a nice one. Very good play on words!

hahaha :D :D
lol *_*

hello everyone!
i just registered here. its been a long time looking this kind of site and now i found it and i really like it. 4 hours straight i cant help myself to continue listening and answering the questions, and my scores are quite closed. thank you so much for those who make this site.

Hallo Gahda don't listen to any person like Amr come with me only & i will teach u a perfect English skills  

I think I don't full understand the conversations meaning, anybody help me, please.

Hahaha, this is a good one!

WOW. it's nice so you can have a good time with the one you hate.
also at least you can spent time and discuss. you might be mistaken somehow