Why were you late for work?



I've to read twice..then,I get this joke.. :))

i feel very stupid, but can Anyone explain me the joke?

Hi Lenara
set for = prepared for
Are you set for your meeting? - Are you ready for your meeting?
The alarm was set for 7 - ready to go off at 7 o'clock.
The table was set for 7 - ready for 7 people to eat.
The alarm was set for 7 = here is the pun (double meaning) ready for 7 people or for 7 o'clock.
Do you get it now?
Jack Radford
The LearnEnglish Team

thank u i get it after ur explanation

it's so funny I really love it!

 haha it is so funny :)i understand what it means

 hahhahah nice joke :D