Why were you late for work?



Memories from my previous workplace came in my mind.
I received a phone call from my deputy manager in one of my days off.
- Hi Coca. How are you?
- Fine, thx. How can I help? Who didn't come to work today?
- You.
I paused. In the mean time, I checked the rota and it was true.
It happened.

I can not play anygame here. Althougt i installed adob flash player. What's the problem? Can you help me?

Hello lacidi-mohammed,

There's no game on this page – it's only that image. Our games are on our Games page.

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It's my first comment in this web site... Hi to Everybody!!!
I read It just now, nice joke!!

I don't know why but the picture above is too big that I cannot see the whole joke. plz fix it! or is it a problem with my computer?

Hello solala,

We're sorry about that this! We're doing some work on the site and this problem is a result of that. We'll fix it as soon as we can, but in the meantime, here's what the two men say:

1: Why were you late for work?
2: Well, there are eight of us in the family and the alarm was set for seven.

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I get it. Looking forward to see the whole picture for other jokes too!

thanks for nice jokes

very brave and witty reply,English you are so cute