Why were you late for work?



Ha ha ..It's a nice joke..But I think, important thing is that through these comment, and speciallyBig city small world, I'm learning so many words..Thanks alot to Birtish could.

jajajajajaj!!, I like this joke and the other one, about the ants and ticks, jajaja I can't stop to laughing!! thank you British council you has been very helpful to me since the beginning!! :D

Even if I had set eight alarms to wake me up, I would still not be able to get up on time.

hi everybody,
I agree with my iranian friend.Because I'm iranian too. I want to add more.Northeastern part of iran donot usually find every joke funny, say-persian jokes.Now you think about English jokes!!! Northeastern part of iran are turk. You should try hard to make us laugh and if we laugh, we can' t help laughing.

Hi Jahaneziba,
Please don't be silly and think about the really purpose of this jokes. In fact the users of this site read this jocks to learn new idiom and improve their  English skill during their  discussion about the Jokes.

Hi, I agree with you dear Maisam.

not a good joke seriously..........:):P

i think english jokes are very funny and i enjoy it

that's right when we go to school

Yes when we go to school. :D