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could you tell when am I suppose to use the following infinitives
1) progressive I.e to be....ing
2) perfect infinitives I.e to have+past participle
3) passive infinitive I.e to be +past participle
and lastly combination of perfect progressive and perfect passive infinitive
Thank you

which one of these are correct according to the infinitive rule Be...ing
I love to do that (or) I love to be doing that
thank you

Hello atakhan,

You can say 'I love to do that' or 'I love doing that'. The sentence 'I love to be doing that' is also possible, but is much less common.

For information on the difference between [love + verbing] and [love + to verb] please see this page and this page.


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The LearnEnglish Team

thank you for helping me out with this :-)

hiyaaaa.i`ve got a question guys.is there only 5 jocks available?

Hello the malek,

Here there are only five jokes available at present, but in Series 1 of Elementary Podcasts, not only is there a joke in every episode, but you can hear a recording of someone – usually Ravi – telling it. The jokes are usually in section 7 of each podcast. For example, if you go to Series 1 Episode 1 and look in Section 7 of the Transcript, you'll see the joke. And if you listen to the recording, you can hear it and then in Task 7 there is an exercise about it. I actually like the jokes in Elementary Podcasts a lot more than these ones – I hope you laugh a lot, too!

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The LearnEnglish Team

me too, i agree

I don't get the joke...so I think it's not funny

Hi asuma girlish,

This is a joke because 'absorbing' can be understood in two ways. One way is the meaning of 'absorbing' that you can find in our dictionary (see the Cambridge Dictionaries Online search box on the lower right side of this page). The other meaning comes from the verb 'absorb', which you can also find in our dictionary. 

I think this will help you understand the joke. But if it doesn't help, please let us know and we'll try to explain.

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

don't understand :)