I've dedicated my life to studying sponges.

Really. Why?



All of the members of British Council join this site in order to improve their English. But posting comments, won't give much improvements. because we don't know if the comment we submit, either right or wrong grammatically. So, i encourage all members to give and submit feedback if any comment doesn't correct grammatically.

I couldn't agree with you more. By the way, if i were you, i would use a learner's dictionary so as not to make obvious mistakes as you did by applying "doesn't" before an adjective!

Correct can be as adjective. But it can have the role of the verb , sometimes.

For the sake of argument in your second last line use "is" instead of "doesn't".
Hope you like it.

I don't get it ,i don't find it funny because I don't understand the meaning

many people think just like you, pal

haha >_< ... it supposed to be funny.. that sponge looks like a lemon.. big lemon..
my thought is wrong anyway...

i do not understood what this joke means although i understood all word someone tell me the imblication.thanks

Hi, Rania..
I don't get it too.Even if we know the meaning all the words, in some jokes it doesn't funny for us, who come from Asia. It's all because we from Asia might have a diffrent taste of joke from those who come from western culture. In my opinion, it's ok because the main purpose of this site is to make us familiar with english.

It probably makes some difference but not a great of difference whether they come from the western or oriental. If you ask me what the difference is. I think, the difference of individuals. and I think the difference is it is their personal thoughts which is the subject of jokes.