I've dedicated my life to studying sponges.

Really. Why?



The joke has 2 meanings.  First, sponges absorb water.  Second, she is absorbed in the study of sponges.  It's funny because the joke has 2 meanings that have no relation to each other.
I wouldn't identify it as funny.

It is so hard to understand the poin of joke and not for this one :[

hahah so funny!!! :D

Could you pls tell what's so funny in this joke, i don't understand it

I can't get it. I don't feel anything funny here. Is it fun because of the meaning of the word "absorbing" or because of the metaphor meaning of the word "sponges"?
I'm not an English person, so it's not a piece of cake for me.

Absorbing: describes something that is very interesting and keeps your attention 

I think using for instead of to is more logical