I've dedicated my life to studying sponges.

Really. Why?



i am agreed with u, its not funny at all

Another good joke to lighten the day.  Sometimes laughter is the best medicine. Many thanks.

it isn't nice joke.

how u guys find it funny though?

Hi Phandovoan,
It is a very bad joke. So bad it is good! The joke uses two meanings of the word absorb. The core meaning of absorb is 'to take in' so sponges are very absorbant (the related adjective to the verb absorb) that is a sponge will take in lots of water when you wipe up a spilled drink. The other meaning of absobing is interesting, if a subject is very interesting you feel a pull to know more. You are being aborbed by the subject...I hope that helps

They are funny, as always! :D

ha ha funny jokes

ha ha ha!!! It's very funny!

Hi,everybody!It is very amazing! ! !