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Tess & Ravi
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Task 1

Activity 1

What can you remember about Tess and Ravi's conversation?


Task 2

Activity 2

Can you remember what Ravi said about making fish and chips?


Task 3

Activity 3

Which words go in which categories?


Do you know what all the words mean? Look up the words you don’t know in a dictionary.

Can you add any more words to each list?

Task 4

Activity 4

Ravi explained how to cook fish and chips; he gave the recipe for them. Leave a comment below with a recipe that you know well. We'll talk about our favourites next episode!




Now fish and chips more experience than others food .sone fish and chips shop charge around 10 pounds per person . That true because I cone back to London last years for holidays.

ahh okay ,, let's talk about a traditional food in Egypt the dish called " Kosry " and the recipe to cook it we need to get some rice and some lentils , onions then we going to chop the onions into slice like rings then fried it in hot oil , then we going to boil the rise in hot water will be better to put some salt and butter to the water while we boiled the rice will be more tasty , then we going to boil the lentils also in hot water with some salt and then after the both of rice and lentils was boiled we going to mix both of them and then but the ring fried onions on the surface of the dish and then we served by tomato hope all enjoy the dish , bon apetit .
i hope to know my level as i write this recipe of this dish thanks for the people who worked in this site .

Hi Maged,

That sounds delicious! I think in English it's usually called 'koshary' and I think I'll have to try cooking it someday.

We don't assess users' levels on the site as to do that we would need to do an individual test and interview, which is not possible for the hundreds of thousands of users we have. We do have an online test you can take which will give you a rough orientation as to your level. You can find it here. You can then search for materials at or around your level.


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The LearnEnglish Team

Hi my friends,i want to give you recipe of tas kabab,this is one of iranian traditional foods
for cooking this food,in a big pot we put a layer of onion rings in floor,then we fill the pot with layer of lamb meat,tomato, carrot and potato rings and put a few prunes in pot ,then boil this materials in water,finally we serve it with bread and fresh vegetable,it is really delicious food

Let me intruduce a Vietnamese dish. Its Vietnamese name is goi cuon but i dont know its international name (^^). We prepare a lot of things such as meat, shrimps, cucumbers, salads, lettuces, basils, shallots, soft noodles, ... and girdle cakes. We boil meat and shrimps. Then we slice meat and make shrimps be without peels. Beside we slice cucumbers. Afterall, we wrap some slices of meat, some shrimps, some slices of cucumber, some vegatables and a little soft noodles in a girdle cake. It means we made one goi cuon. We must eat it and sauces. Huhm so yummy!!!

Hi, I am Piotr. I am thirty seven years old. I am from Poland and I started learning English about six month ago. My English is not good. Sorry for my mistake when I write it. I have stared learned English when I was on university in Poland but it was fifteen years ago. Now I have started learn English once again because I have forgot this language. The Elementary Podcast for my is very useful when I study English.
I like fish and chips very much. In Poland fish and chips is very popular meal.

Hi, Peter M. Thanks you for your answer. I will be a frequent user of your site.

Hi Piotr17,

Welcome to LearnEnglish! Please visit, if you haven't already, our section for new members: Getting Started. You'll find tips there on how best to use the site and the resources here. You should also take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page, which has suggestions and advice on particular aspects of English (improving speaking, listening, vocabulary etc.).


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Hi guys. This is my first message :) I want to tell you about shaverma. This dish came to Russia from countries of the Middle Asia and Caucasus. It have different names in different countries, for example in Europe it names like donar-kebab or just kebab. And even different districts of Russia names this dish differently (in Moscow it names shaurma, in St. Petersburg - shaverma). Shaverma is a junk food, but it's very tasty and not expensive. Shaverma is a mixture of chopped vegatables like tomatoes, cucambers, onion and grilled meat like chicken, pork and so on. All these ingridients wrappes in lavash and pours sauce which usually maiden from sour cream and different spices. If you want to know more about shaverma you can watch youtube-show by Khovansky which names "shaverma patrol" :)

"Are the numbers of people" expression is used in the text. As far as I know , this expression must be "Is the number of people". I'm confused. Please can you inform me on this subject.