LearnEnglish Podcasts is back! Some things are the same (Tess, Ravi and Carolina) and some things are new, for example the presenters. So whether you're new to LearnEnglish Podcasts or have been listening since Series 1, give it a try!

Tess & Ravi
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Task 1

Activity 1

What can you remember about Tess and Ravi's conversation?


Task 2

Activity 2

Can you remember what Ravi said about making fish and chips?


Task 3

Activity 3

Which words go in which categories?


Do you know what all the words mean? Look up the words you don’t know in a dictionary.

Can you add any more words to each list?

Task 4

Activity 4

Ravi explained how to cook fish and chips; he gave the recipe for them. Leave a comment below with a recipe that you know well. We'll talk about our favourites next episode!




cool ....Ravi and Tess It`s pretty good to have u again,this gonna be successes full   episode again. I love it!!!!!!!!!!
but i feel strange, does tess voice got change?? how ever its one of the coolest way to learn.
Thanks to British Council.

I have a very big problem,i can understand all the podcast but i cant answering the question easy.also iam not good in regulating a sentence

Can somebody tell me where I can find the transcript please?

Hello Debora,
I'll work on publishing the transcript tomorrow - if there are no emegencies that steal my time!
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hey Adam, I still have the handouts for Word on the street I told you about and can offer some help with the transcripts if you want, just contact me to my email, ok?

i miss this podcast.so iam very happy for your comming back  .

Great!!!! I am so happy

Hi, everyone!
I am very happy to Tess & Ravi are returned! I think, this series is more defficult than series 2. But it's good, because you can improve you language instead you always listhen to ONE thing!!! 
One more thing, can anybody tells me, where I can download the transcript?