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Do you enjoy going to the cinema? What sort of films do you like watching? How about films from your country? Are there any you’d recommend to other podcast listeners?




I love going to cinema.

Hi there
I have always loved going to the films and watching it on a big screen in theatre and i watch it at home only if i miss to watch one in theatre, Basically i am a great cinema buff and try to watch as many good films as i can. I enjoy watching films like Drama,Comedy,fiction and sometimes documentary films and i don't like watching horror films because that kind of films scares me and i also think horror films does not make any sense to me as much as others do. Indian cinema has different film industries based on the language speaking in a region and different tastes of fans, we have got very good directors in all film industries, for last several years the way and style of storytelling and making films have been improved a lot, and i would recommend our listeners to take some time to pick some of indian movies and watch it, i hope they will enjoy it.

Hi. I like watching films in the cinema, especially newest films, which have just only started to be played in the cinema.I go to the cinema two or three times a month. I prefer watching comedy films, because I don't like drama or horror. In Poland films in the cinema are exactly the same as in other country and in the same moment. From Polish films I would have recommended film such as "Bear", of course that is English translate.

I don't usually go to the cinema, just because I don't have time, but I like to go and watch action films where you can enjoy the screen and the sound surrounded you, making a great time for enjoying the movie. I don't enjoy films that are too long or documentary. It's fair to say that I've never slept in a cinema, I always laugh at people that do that XD

Actually, I do not go to the cinema because we do not have one here in my home town. Previously, it had a theater but it was broken. I just watch films on the internet.

I don't go to the cinema. I just see films at home. When I go tothe cinema, if I go to the toilet, I miss part of the film. At home I can pause it. I have an enormus, giant, curved TV that it's like the cinema.

I love to watching the movies, in especial I like action films and history films. I also like animations, it was a really pleasure to watch Shrek,Kung Fu Panda. But talking about animation, these brings me back them some memories, when I saw for the first time Ice Age I I laughed with tears a week.And I think the laugh is a good pill for soul and budy.
About film in my country I'm a big fan especialy for comedy,shourt movies. But also we have a lots of history films, about our history and there are really good to see too. We also have same actors that are known as a internationals actors. In now I watch only serial of comedies on the internet and sometimes I hired a movie but of course a comedy film.

Yeah, I'm enjoy going to the cinema and I'm loving to watch specially action films in both Hollywood and Bollywood. In Sri Lanka we can watch all kind of movies including Sinhala movies, Hollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood. Now a days there are few 3D cinemas in here.
If i say about Sinhala movies most of them are including comedy, action, romantic and there were lots of legendary movies during last few years.But now a days most people are interesting to watch Hollywood and Bollywood movies rather than Sinhala movies.

I'd like to watch movie but now i don't have much time to go to cinema because i have babies now. This August we have our boy twins, they are just 4 months old. When i after job most of my time is staying with them, holding one of them in my arms, they are innocent now just like crying when they feel hungry or wake up. Haha, so i could not manage some time enjoy watching movie. As they are boys, so i believe in future i will take them to the cinema many time to see the animal or katoon movies. Boys usuelly behave much more actively than girls, looking forward the future when they are elder, we go to the cinema together with my whole family.

I enjoy go to the cinema. But actually I can't do it becouse I have a baby. Is dificult watch a film with her. She enjoy play and don't be quiet. Maybe We can do it when she has more age.