Adam reads your comments about families and we find out if Carolina is feeling any better.

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Leave a comment below!

  • Where do you go and what do you do to cheer yourself up when you feel sad?
  • Can you visit the countryside and nature easily where you live?
  • What contact do you have with nature in your day-to-day life?




Firstly, I most of the time either go to the gym or play tennis because I feel much better and forget everything that makes me feel upset while I am working out.
Secondly, unfortunately I can't visit the countryside and nature easily owing to the location of the city where I live. There is no attractive countryside in the city which I live so I have to drive at least 3 hours if I want to go to the nature. Therefore I have dıffıculty in going to the countryside. The only thing I have with nature im daily life is to grow flower at home. I love my flowers and they make me feel good when I look at them.

All the best..

Mostly, when I feel sad or worry, I usually listen to music (if I was alone and couldn't share my story for everyone). But sometimes, this problem became to be harder, I needed to hang out with my friends to ask them an advice and it's always working after that. Even can't hang out with somebody in the real life, chatting with your friends on facebook or social media, it can cheer me up.

thanks a lot

Hello, team.

In the elementary Podcast Support Pack – Series 3 episode 18, Activity 4 there are several places to choose, where you see these signs, and I did bad the exercise because I confused "on a door" by "on a gate".
would you like explaining me what's the difference between door and gate.please?

Thank yuo.

Hello anaisavecas,

The difference is not precise but a gate generally is found in a wall, a fence or an outside building (a stable etc) and is not insulated. It often allows a person to look through it (it has gaps). A door is an entrance to a building, a room, a car etc.

'On a door/gate' would mean that something is attached to the door/fence.

'By a door/gate' would mean near it - on the wall, on the ground etc.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

My friend lives in countryside, sometimes when I feel sad I visit him, we go walking and talking about our problem solving, wishes and dreams.
To relax and forget problem’s work, sometimes I go swimming in the summer and go to the mineral bathes in the winter where I make the hot massage with putting some cloves on my back.

When I feel bad, I usually choose a song that matches my feeling and listen to so I can feel better. Sometimes, I read books or concentrate on my study. This also helps me focus on one thing and do not think about worse things I've been through.

Hello everyone. When I feel upset I do a simple thing.I talk with my family. And they always make me feel better. But sometimes I prefer to go out for cycling. I love ride my bicycle. And sometimes I go for a walk in the park to see the beautiful nature who is near my place. Sometimes we should feel lucky for the nature and people that make to cheer us up. I wish you a good day, to all of you.

when i feel sad i just want to stay alone at home it is something about my personality i like very much be at home

Dear Friend

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