How would you describe the British character? Tess and Ravi consider whether the British are reserved, while Jo and Adam look at negative prefixes.

Tess & Ravi
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  • What do you think – are the British reserved? Are the British more reserved than other nationalities?
  • What do people say about people from your country? Do they think you’re friendly – and is it true?

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I think people are diffrent, They have diffrent ethical methods.
It's not fair to say all of brithish people are reserved.
This is my first comment i hope i wrote it right.
I really like to come and see you two,tess & ravi.
You both have good voices, I love it.
Thanks to you all.

Hi guys, My name's Hanh. After listening this podcast, I've recently known that British people are reserved. But I think, it depends, not everyone in Britain is like that, despite the fact the number is not much.
To my country, almost foreigners said that people here are very friendly and willing to help strangers if they can. And I do think so. If you are a sociable person, my country will surely suit for you! Thank you for reading.

Hello, Adam and Jo...
It´s a pleasure to comment in this potcast.
I´m from Mexico, here the people is very frendly, Here it doesn´t need much time to have friends, especially if your are foreinger, we like to meet persons and to know how were their lifes in their contriens.
Mexicans are open people, we speak about many topics and we go with our friends everywhere, also we visit them in their home.

In my country people are open and i don't always like that specially in bus
They make long conversation and i get bored but they are so friendly and would help strangers as much as they can. i like that in my country

I liked the British saying that the house is the man's castle

Oh, are you really reserved? I'm going to Scotland tomorrow, but I hope they are open and friendly. I myself is talkative and friendly though generally Japanese people are shy and not so open. So, I guess it depends on people I talk to. Anyway, please talk to me friendly when you see me on the street!

We cannot say all they are reserved. Behaviours and attitutes can changeable. My opinion is UK has and covers many different nation people who this makes United Kingdom name. Of course this means everyone respect each other in UK terrra and lives altogether in peace for centuries. Possible this level mixture makes original English Fam's a bit scary and make themselves alone in the country. May be I'm wrong.

I think they seem constrained because the rainy weather conditions ... the Mediterranean peoples are more extrovert.
The Greek people are friendly and extrovert, they ll be glad to help someone if needs something.

Some people say " British people are more reserved than other nationality.It can be easily seen it's difficult to make friend with British people.They rarely talk each other and it makes other make u uncomfortable and cold." I really hope that might be stereotypes or judgement by their look .
I'm from Myanmar .Myanmar people from urban area are very friendly ,helpful and always wear smile . They are very inocent . But not for people in city .They may be as reserved as British people . Bcoz city life is full of stress .

Hello everyone,

I'am Marcin and I'm from Poland. I am going to say taht indeed in my opinion American people are much more open than English. I have been both America in Chicago and Great Britain in London, and I can say that Americans speak to others on the street, on the bus or at the shop when you buying something, everywhere. Of course British are nice, polite and helpful but not as much as Americans, I think they are more reserved.

I haven't visited London but I know many about of Englan and Englishman. Because our nation was colonised by English and Japan before II World War. So I know they are very rigid and strict in discipline and they are reserved.
Most of the people are said that we are friendly, warmly and happy and we don't work hard due to indulging in amusement. I think it is little true because our land is good for every plants and tree and every time and every season, not to be hard.