Carolina and Jamie disagree about telling Emily about Cameron as they get ready to eat dinner, while Adam and Jo consider potatoes and the past continuous. 

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  • What about you? Do you cook at home?
  • Or do you eat in a canteen, or buy something to eat on the way home?
  • And what's your favourite way of eating potatoes?!

Leave a comment and we'll discuss some of your answers in the next podcast.




Thanks for this.
I really don't like to cook, i like every thing ready for me and sometimes I order delivery.


I'm new hère, and after a long search on net, i found you program is the best but, if possible to add one thing very important, about connecting speech, mean add another transcript of each episode showing linking, stress, assimilation, elision ,...

Hello karroum_oguad,

Thank you for the suggestion. We may include more exercises on pronunciation in the future, including exercises on connected speech. I think it would be an enormous task, however, to show any more than a few examples in the transcript.

You can, of course, listen to and read the text at the same time and identify which words are linked in that way. Trying to speak with the recording - keeping pace with it - is a good way to practise speaking quickly and linking your speech.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

I like cooking and potatoes, but I have no much time to do it though. My wife and I usually do simple and quick meals for breakfast or dinner. In Mexico we cook potatoes in many ways, one of them that I like is, you mashed the potatoes and then fry them with oil then serve them with a salad and salsa. I love fried potatoes with ketchup and salsa. :P

hi, I was studying English in my youth but I let them go for a long period of time. You see I'm a sixty years old widow now, with two adult children, who has their own life. I always wanted to travel but I had no time. Now I have all the time to do what always wanted to. That is the reason why I registered in your site. The episode 6, is the first I read and I found it very interesting and helpful. Thanks in advanced for any help you could give me. I look forward to it and for your reply too. As for the potatoes I like them fried and I cook them often enough despite their bad effect on my health.
my regards

Hello ioanna,

Welcome, and thanks for your message. You've chosen a good place to start - Elementary Podcasts is great for reviewing general English and can help you especially with improving your vocabulary, listening comprehension, grammar and essential English for talking with other people. You might also want to read through our Frequently asked questions, where there's some general advice on how to get the most out our site.

We look forward to seeing more comments from you, and please don't hesitate to ask us any questions you may have.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

The potatoes I like best are fried potatoes (chips).

I like cooking at home because it is safer. I can do my favourite dishes. Sometimes, when I feel tired I usually go to the restaurant to eat because it isn't more convenient.

Good afternoon!
I like to cook at home and I do this alot, sometimes my wife doesn't have space in the kitchen because usually when I'm free I prepare something to eat.
We try to avoid as much as is possible takeaways and frozen food, but you know you can't be all the time predictable and you should to have some frozen food for this kind of days.
So,about potatoes they're not my favorite type of vegetable, but when I'm cooking potatoes I prefer baked potatoes, you know that kind of potatoes that you have to wrap in aluminium foil then you put them on the barbecue,they're delicious.

Hi everyone!
I live with my parents so I don't have opportunity to cook frequently. I affraid of cooking sometimes because of my dad- He is a great cook. But if I cook, I very like preparing something light, fresh and healty for example pancakes with strawberry or salad or soup. I am going to move from house my parents, so I will have more chance to cook.