Carolina and Jamie disagree about telling Emily about Cameron as they get ready to eat dinner, while Adam and Jo consider potatoes and the past continuous. 

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  • What about you? Do you cook at home?
  • Or do you eat in a canteen, or buy something to eat on the way home?
  • And what's your favourite way of eating potatoes?!

Leave a comment and we'll discuss some of your answers in the next podcast.




I'm cooking at home every day because I have a small daughter and she needs healthy food to grow very well and to give my family main necessary food elements.
I prefer baked potatoes which containes less calories.

Hi Mr.Peter
There is a mistake in task 4 sentience 7 (What do you you want on the salad?)when I do the task previous sentience appearance.


Thanks for letting us know. I've fixed that sentence. Please leave another comment if you find another error on the site.

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The LearnEnglish Team

people here always cook at home we rarely eat in restaurants...everyone makes his food at morocco the most popular meal is the tajin with batboot it's the best thing you can ever have as a lunch I think our traditional food is the best

i dont like coocking by myself but i love to eat my wifes delicious food!!

I really like to polish up my coversational English. If anyone interested please skype me at xxxxxxx.

Hell azalan2212,

It's great that you are so keen to practise your English. However, please remember that our House Rules ask users to neither give nor ask for personal contact details such as email addresses, Skype names and so on. This is because we have some users who may be under eighteen years of age and so must be careful with personal data.

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I like cook and I like feed my friends and family. Sometimes we meet and eat together. Everybody prepare something delicious to eat or we cook together. I love those meetings.

how are you
I hope you are fine
We live in a countryside (Madodda). We always cook at home. I prefer to cook at home rather than eating out.
Eating home cooked meals allow you to make healthier choices. One more thing, there is nothing better than sitting around with people you love.
and for potatoes I prefer fried ones.
with best regards

i like to cook sometimes, it's fun, and i'll be very happy if someone likes it.
i really enjoy cooking especially Vegetable Soup, its very nice and healthy.