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Jamie might have the chance to follow his dream. Adam and Jo look at how Jamie and Carolina use 'will', 'won't' and 'might' to talk about his future.

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  • Do you think Jamie should 'follow his dream'? Or stay with Carolina in Newcastle?
  • And what about Carolina – what should she do?
  • What would you do in this situation?
  • Should you always 'follow your dreams'?

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Elementary: A2
Intermediate: B1


In my opinion Jamie should follow his dream.
We won’t must leave our dreams because other people.
And Carolina should support him and be happy with his decision.
Don’t give up of your dreams.

I think they should follow their dream because they are very young , young people should try a lot of things insted of get prisoner with first love , they have travel and to know the world

I think Jamie should follow his dream. because, if he give up and just decide to stay with Carolina. then he will regret it in the future. and I think the situation is going to be difficult when Jamie begins to regret giving up his dream. So he should keep being enthusiastic for his dream. Meanwhile, Carolina should find something what she wants to do. it is probably difficult to keep their relationship when they are not close. but I believe that their relationship is getting stronger in the situation like this.

Going abroad is really good for everybody in order to expand your perspective of view. One of my friend in Peru said that he'll force his daughter to travel abroad when she gets older. I agree with him, you MUST go aborad to know even your own country. You cannot know your country unless you leave the country.

ı will follow my dreams of course. my dream is travel all over the world. ı'm 35, perhaps ı will be late but ıt's not late.
my two boys are 1 and 5. 1 year later ıt's possible to leave them at gransdparents

Does it grammatically incorrect if we place the phrase 'upon him' before 'mercy' in the following:
God shower, upon him, the mercy!

Which of the following is correct? Is any one of these incorrect?

May God shower His mercy upon him!
May God bestow His mercy upon him!
May God send His mercy upon him!

Hello Zeeshan,

All of them are grammatically correct and the first two sound natural to me, but I don't think 'send' is usually used in this kind of wish or prayer.

As for 'God shower, upon him, the mercy!', it sounds strange to me. First of all, if you're addressing someone by their name, normally a comma should come after it. Also, although this varies across religious communities, often 'Lord' is used instead of 'God' as a form of direct address. The comma before 'upong him' suggests a pause which isn't natural, either. Finally, 'mercy' shouldn't have a definite article -- much of the time I think 'Your' is used here. 'God, shower upon him Your mercy' sounds better to me.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Thanks for reply.
Please let me know one more thing, can we say "For you I've brought a gift." or is it necessary to say 'I've brought a gift for you'? I mean the position of 'for you'...

Hello Zeeshan Siddiqii,

I've brought a gift for you is the more natural word order. While For you... is not grammatically wrong, it is not the way we would normally form the sentence and sounds very formal and archaic.

Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team