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Carolina and Emily are in the library to study, but end up chatting. Jo and Adam chat about conditionals – sentences with 'if'. 

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  • What about you – how do you like to study? At home? In a café?
  • Do you prefer to study with or without music? At night or in the morning?

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I ended up study many years ago. Now I'm studying only English - it's my hobby. I do this in the morning before going to work (and sometimes at the work). I prefer study in quiet.

I prefer study in quiet place and people around without make noise like library at university , desk at work .

I´ve been studying english at home , at kitchen because the table is big and I can put all my stuff on it , when I was younger I studied in a library at university or in my dorm , and sometimes with a friends , but I didn´t like to study with them bacause we chattering more than studied , definitety is doesn´t work , like Emily and Carolina in the library

How do I like to study. It depends on what I study for. When I was a student, I used to study in a library. but I'm studying at home now. because I'm living alone. So nobody disturb my work. and I don't want spend time to go out for studying. there is another reason why I study at home. I would feel embarrassing, If someone hear me practice speaking english.
So I like studying at home.

Hello family. Have any difference between how tall and how high?

Hello blueroses,

We use 'tall' to speak about some things (e.g. people, trees) but 'high' to talk about others (e.g. a plane, a mountain). There is a page in the Cambridge Dictionary just on this topic which I think will clarify it for you.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Thank you. I see

Oh, you talked about Sherlock Holmes, I read almost all of his series, of course in Japanese since I was so young and had not studied English yet. Now that I'm so fluent in English, I might as well read again in English this time. Perhaps after reading Jo Nesbo, which is the material of my translation work...

I like study in a quiet place like my room or in the living room when i am alone. Usually i prefer study in the morning because my mind is empty. Sometimes i listen soft music, it helps me out to be more concentrated .

When I wast at university I used to study at night-early morning in my home, when there was no noise or anything that could distract me because I always get distracted in a second. I didn't use to listen to music or watch the tv for the same reason. I didn't like to study at school (I mean the library) because my classmates (and friends) always led me to the dark side, they said,.. let's go for a beer, we can study later.. haha.. a bad decision. XD