Tess and Ravi finish up Series 4 talking about myths about British people, while Jo and Adam speak about false friends and how to use the word 'actually' to give true information about something.

Tess & Ravi
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We will miss your voice so much, THANK FOR ALL!

Hi everybody , Hope you be fine.
I'll really miss Tess and Ravi till elementary podcast shows up again. I'd like to say that I really enjoy listening to Tess and Ravi's speaking for they nice and delightful accent.
I think this last episode of them is my favorite one. I liked the philosophical notions of it. I admit that I myself have gained my ideas about Briton through movies, books, pictures and etc, for I haven't been to United Kingdom in my life and haven't had opportunity to talk to a British man or woman directly or indirectly. So I think Tess is right and real life is more complicated.
When I think about British, there are somethings I don't understand. What is the difference between UK and its countries such as England or Wales or etc ? Do they have the same government? Why United Kingdom, if its parts are independent and even have different flags? What is the history behind it? Definitely the situation is not the same as United States for they have at least the same flag. I am rather confused. This is what I'd like Tess and Ravi to talk about in the next series if they and the whole group don't mind.
Thank you

Hi Reza,

This is a confusing topic, isn't it? However, I think I can help you. We have a page which deals with the difference between the UK and Great Britain - you can find it here.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

Hi dear Peter,
Yes It is very confusing. Thank you for replying my comment. I'll see the link you sent and I'm sure I'll be happy to know more about British.



I hope you all fine
I am very happy to be a part of these podcasts by writing my comments in the series.
and also I am very sad to finish the series 4. We all miss you our teachers and the learning English team
I hope to start a new one as soon as possible these series made me speak English language very well.
Thank you all.

with best regards
Abdullah Bahomaid

I'd like to say thank you all for your efforts. I've learnt a lot from Adam, Rob and Jo, and I have had so much fun listening to Tess, Ravi and Carolina. I liked the way that the series 1 & 2 performed. Podcasts in these series were longer and more various than series 3 & 4. The new interesting section in series 3 & 4 was that our comments were read out, and this motivates us to write and express our ideas. I hope that podcasts in series 5 will be about 25 to 30 minutes long and have various sections such as I'd like to talk about, your turn, Carolina or any similar story. I suggest that the listeners leave some questions in their comments to be answered in the next podcast as much as you can.

Ooooh already the end of this series? Anyway, I liked it with our teatcher Jo. Thank's Rob an Jo.
I listened those all series and Il liked topics like british weither, the royal family with those complicated names, Shakespeare . But my favorit was a caracter dear Sharlock Holmes: people continues to whrite hundreds an hundreds leters to adress now occuped by a compagny that put an employer just to read those letters. Uumm.

Hello Manasset and everyone,

Thanks for all your feedback. By the way, there will be one last episode, episode 20, which will be published on 23 February.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

I was an entertainment prefect at school and learnt how to play the piano at Music School.

I am proud when I speak English.