Practise and improve your listening skills for your studies or for work. There are videos and audio with activities for different levels.

Watch our video series about Julia and Sammy and learn useful words and phrases.

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Starting Out - Episode 10

Sammy shows Julia some photos of him playing different sports. Why is she not impressed?

Beginner: A1, Elementary: A2
Starting Out - Episode 15

Sammy is excited about taking Julia to his favourite campsite. There's just one problem ...

Beginner: A1, Elementary: A2

Learn everyday English by listening to podcasts. There are interactive exercises to help you practise and improve your level of English.

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Elementary Podcasts

A weekend away, Shakira, Hot Seat, tango in Buenos Aires, songs in English or in other languages...

Intermediate: B1
Tess & Ravi

Tess and Ravi talk about a scary monster. But there's something worse than monsters; Adam and...

Intermediate: B1

Listen to our audio fiction series about a group of young people from around the world who are living in London.

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Carlos and Sarah's first date turns out to be a disaster! What exactly has happened?


Elementary: A2, Intermediate: B1

Fadi has spent most of the money that Johnny and Harry invested. Can he convince them to put in...

Intermediate: B1

Improve your language level and learn about the UK and its culture by watching our Word on the Street video series.

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Carmen talks about the history and continuing popularity of the great British pub.

Intermediate: B1

Beautiful Christmas window displays are one way shops get into the Christmas spirit. Amandeep...

Intermediate: B1, Upper intermediate: B2

Learn about what makes Britain GREAT in these videos. Do the exercises to learn about the UK and improve your language.

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