Do these exercises to learn words related to cars.




I don't drive but i dream about it all my life

I enjoy driving very much. Especially good car, listening to good music and on the good road, in a good weather. I try to keep my car in a good condition, not only for comfort, but for safety too. Because a driver must see everything clearly through his windscreen, use his headlights and turn signals and everybody on the road can see your car.

I love to drive. But, i'm terrible at parking. I try to get better every day.

I like driving. I'm not very keen on driving fast. I love listening to music when I'm driving.
I can't stant people who disregards driving rules.

I do not how to drive but i dream about it for a long time.

I know how to drive, I like to go fast in empty streets , go on time, and take care for all people around me. what I dislike in drive that, when you drive you should take care from others, if they made mistake, this may cause huge harm for you.

It's very interesting lesson. I found some new words for me. they're 'wiper', 'bonnet', 'boot'/ Thank you

Thanks for this lesson! I've been driving car for 16 years... I like so much to do. Well, I like about driving to hear the engine of the car, really I like this sound! :)

I have been driving car for 18 years. I like it but I think that we must limited it.
We should ask that question to ourselves : Can I go there without car ?

I don't know how to drive.