In this video, Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti tells us about the healthy snacks that she eats in the spaceship.


Do the preparation task first. Then watch the video and do the exercise. Remember you can read the transcript at any time.

Task 1

Check your understanding: true or false






My favorite snack is fries and peanuts. Ice cream is allways welcome as well!

Of course I wanna be an astronaut because always I wanted go to the space. However, I think my favourite snaks are not so healty because I like chocolates, popcorn and spicy peanuts.

I would not like to be an astronaut, because I am claustrophobic, and I am surely too bad enough at scientific tasks to be in a space station !
Ma favorite snack is protein cake because I do sports very often.
I also like doing ma pastries myself because I eat gluten free.

I don't think i would appreciate to be an astronaut.
I like to eat fresh fruits on earth ! It don't seem to be easy to eat when food is flying.
Nevertheless, i appreciate to see Samantha eating in the station. Thanks a lot to her to let us show the way she eats on board !

I wish i were an astronasmus,i would eat those all snacks before went back to the earth.

I don't want to be an astronaut because I don't like to live in a place with zero Gravity.

I wish I could be an astronaut, of course! But when you see their daily routine on board, it doesn't seem as exciting as one has always imagined.

I had never thought myself as an astronaut because the occupation seems impossible to have due to the status of my country as a developing country where our infrastructure is not as great as developed country. My favorite snack is oreo.

nutritious ingredients like erm
What's "erm" mean?

Hello Yvonne Tseng,

faustaleonardo (thank you, faustaleonardo!) is right -- it doesn't mean anything, it's just what we say when we need a moment to think about what to say next. Sometimes it's spelled 'um' but in British English it tends to be spelt 'erm'.

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