Do the exercises and learn the words for some accessories.




I do not have an accessory that is special in some way in the sense that an accessory with some kind of sentimental value attached to it, however, I do own a pair of earrings which I probably bought about 20 plus years ago and I have never worn it ever and I really do not know why that is when I come to think of it. It could be because of the fact that the earrings are made of bamboo and are beautifully hand crafted and I look at it more as an art than as a pair of earrings.

If someone can review my above comment and give me feedback on my grammar, specially the first sentence, I would really appreciate it.


Hi ChipChee,

I'm afraid we don't offer the service of correcting texts, but I can suggest that you break up the first sentence into two or three. Actually, in speaking that sentence would be fine, but in general in writing English sentences tend to express just one thought. Right before 'however', for example, would be natural place to make one break. Then another one would be after 'never worn it' ('ever' is redundant here and could be deleted).

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Thanks for the adivce, Kirk. I will keep that in mind.

I always wear white earrings, them are my favorites, in fact I don't wear glasses, only when I have to read. I have a brown cap and my boyfriend too. :)

Good Exercise for review the vocabulary about the accesories!.

nice excersie

It is a nice exercise, I really enjoy it.
Thank you.

Unfortunately i'm wearing glasses to see my vision better daily, its a routine in my life to wear glasses after morning shower and take out before I go to sleep. Apart from this I do carry other accessories as well.

Anyhow I have one question. Why earrings is the best answer for "We usually wear only one of these" question?

Hi Calvin,

Task 3 is an 'odd one out' exercise, which means you have to choose the thing that is different from the others. In the third question, all of the accessories are things we normally use one of. Since we usually we use two earrings, 'earring' is the correct answer.

Does that make sense?

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team