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I have travelled by air several times. But I often take short flights. The longest flight that I have take is the flight from Hanoi to Bangkok. It only took about 2 hours. I hope that I can go further next year :)

When I travel by plane, I do not often put my hand baggage on overhead locker, I often put it under the seat in front of me :)

I have travelled only in Colombia. The flight longest was to San Andres, flight it took about 4 hour to arrive.

I have travelled many times.My longest flight took 12 hours from Istanbul to Singapore.

I have traveled many times, but on my first, I quite confused. Maybe if I never going to travel by airplane, I will be confused about the task.

Yes, i have travelled by air several times and my longest flight that I've taken it was to London and it took about 6 hours from my country.

Yes, I travelled by air sometimes. My longest journey was probably when I took a flight from Recife to Santiago de Chile.

Yes but a very few time (only five time: I'm not a big explorer). My longest flight travel was for my honeymoon : about 12 hours (my poor legs).

The longest travel I have taken so far was the flight from Italy, my country, to India. We were a group of five people: my wife, my daughter, a couple of friends and me. We left from Fiumicino, the biggest airport in Rome, and after six hours we landed in Dubai. There we spent all night in the airport waiting for the flight to Delhi. I don't remember exactly how long did it take, but I still remember that when when we arrived I felt exhausted.

yes i have travelled by air a few times.
It is nice to have the opportunity to travel abroad and know other cultures.
The longest flight i had done it was to Asia to Singapore, if i don't remenber bad it was 12 hours of flight but wort it , it was a nice experience to me .