Learn words for things in bathrooms by doing these exercises.



In my house we have two bathrooms but only one with bath. The other one with shower.

We have only one little bathroom and it doesn't have a bath, sadly.

Bathroom in my flate is sepated on restroom and bathroom. As for all other things, it is ordinary bathroom, it doesn't have anything unusual.

My bathroom doesn't have a bath, and we have 2 bathrooms, the one without shower.

You will find in my bathroom the classic features that you should find in this kind of place!
Where I live, don't dare to drink the water from the tap: the water it is not potable, and you'll run the risk to get sick quickly!
I've got three bathrooms in my house.

Maybe a figura?? Have you guys a figura on your bathroom ? Is that something freaky have a figura in the bathroom?

What's figura?

Is something like a frame photo. But figura is more functional for a home decor.

My bathroom has a bath division in glass to separate the shower from the other spaces. I have shielves to put toilet paper and towels. Finally, above the washbasin I can find out a locker to put make up and other supplies.

I had prefer take a shower !!