Julia and Sammy meet in a cycling accident! Then they want the same taxi. Will they get on?




I remember quite clearly the backward-looking of my teacher writing something on the blackboard in the classroom. It looked like clambering over the board. A large-scale teacher in anyway! :D

Hi, i'm am pleased to write this comment. Thank you so much. Yeah, I've met so many people out there. And, the one which is the most valuable of all is my soul mate which I've found on the way of my journey. She is pretty and kind and when I hear from her the bells starts ringing in my heart and I start to feel so happy. One thing which I've experienced is nothing is so important than falling in love again and again and it repeats.

"I firmly believe that it was written in the stars for me to come to this country and meet you."⭐︎⭐︎

This is a great site,Keep learning and growing.

I have never meet a people in tis way.

Hi! I met my boyfriend 2 years ago during a holiday.

Hi! Yes I came across with a lots of people, and now they are a good friends for me, and of course they are kind person of me. Aswell I have a soul mate and i met him through a ex-colleague and after we became a couple. Now we have two and a half years of relationship and in 2 years from now we are going to get married. I am very happy because I have an ideal partener. Thank s British Council.

I'm very thankful to British English team for your job!

It was great to know about this topic!