Learn words for everyday objects by doing these exercises.


Language level

Beginner: A1


when I go out I always carry wallet and mobile phone. that so. lastly I carry cigarette and lighter. I addict cigarette

I never like wallet

I always carry my wallet when I go out of my house and I usually bring a rucksack at work.

When I go out always carry in my rucksack home keys, a book, sun glasses, computer (lap-top), wallet with credit and identification cards, beside this I carry car keys, a cap and glasses

i carry my mobile phone, glasses and purse.

When I go out I always carry my wallet with money and identity cards, house keys or sometimes also car keys and of course my glasses, because I am myopic, and my mobile phone (essential today) .

When I go out I carry wallet, bag or rucksack, keys, tickets and mobile phone.
I don't use briefcase, glasses and contact lenses.

i carry my wallet and my mobile phone

I always use a rucksack for carrying my laptop when I go to work.

I usually carry my rucksack, there I put water, a notebook and sun glasses. In my pockets I carry a mobile phone, my keys and wallet.