Learn words for everyday objects by doing these exercises.



i carry my wallet and my mobile phone

I always use a rucksack for carrying my laptop when I go to work.

I usually carry my rucksack, there I put water, a notebook and sun glasses. In my pockets I carry a mobile phone, my keys and wallet.

I usually carry my keys, mobile phone, money, credit cards, driving license, pen and etc.
Just I have to say I put all these things in my briefcase.

When I go out I usually carry my mobile phone, my wallet and my keys of house.

I often carry my wallet,house keys,phone and my laptop when I go out.

I very often carry wallet.on the grounds that it has large number of uses in everyday routine.mobile phone,on the other hand,i think that sans any doubt each and every person carry easily.pen as per my point of view is quite common object in our life.it should be listed above.

When I go out I carry Keys , wallet and some time mobile phone , and I use contact lenses

When I go out I always carry my keys, my mobile phone and my wallet. When I go to the university I also carry my rucksack.

I am using glasses, wallet, mobile phone, rucksack and keys when I go to work.