Christmas has a long history and it has been celebrated by different people in many different ways. In the UK, having a special Christmas meal with family and friends is a very important custom for many.

Besides turkeys, what other traditional Christmas food do you know? In this video, get to know some of the traditionally served Christmas food in the UK, like mulled wine, mince pies, Christmas pudding, etc.


Do the Preparation task first. Then watch the video. Next go to Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the Transcript at any time.

Task 1

Watch the video and then test your comprehension with the task below.





hi guys for some reason i cant see the video. Could you please help me ?


Hi! At the beginning  I would like to say "Thank you" to all of you who work to get our English better! For me this site is very useful not only to improve my English language skills, but to learn more about British culture and to explore the life in Britain as well. Therefore, I'd like to find out more about   the second day of Christmas, which  is called "Boxing day" in Britain. What  is exactly the meaning of this expression? I was wondering where it comes from?

oh!!! I have already hungry!!! hahaha it looks delicious, in my country we have a traditional beverage called "ponche" and it's made of fruits like apple, guava, tejocotes, sugar cane, cinnamon, tamarind syrup, it's very sweet and delicious, besides you can add alcohol if you want ehehe..

Christmas are coming, I wish everybody welcome Chris with their partner!!!

       who can help me? the video can not play normally. and i suspend it's the edition of my IE. then i upgrade to IE9.0 but still can not load the video clip.can the administrator of this website tell me what should i do now?

Hi Michael

sad - I'm sorry to hear you are having problems with IE. I can watch the video on my computer using IE9 - I'm using windows 7. What operating system are you using? 

Have you tried other browsers? I normally use chrome. 

There's one more thing you could try... there's a little button (compatibility mode) in the address bar - it looks like a broken piece of paper. That might help.



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Hello everybody
i just discovered this website and i find it great...thank you for all the useful information it is very helpful for anyone liking progress in English ...if there are any tips to improve the pronunciation, please get in touch with me
Thank you again  

They don't work, video and exercies :((