Listen to this speech given at a party being held for the retirement of an employee, James Dawson. The managing director of the company delivers a speech outlining James's achievements.

Professionals Podcasts - Achievement


Do the Preparation task first. Then listen to the audio. Next go to each Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the transcript at any time.

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Hello LearnEnglish Team,
I have to say that I really really appreciate your great work. Every programme is fantastic! Thank you very much for all of your input.
I have listened to this professional speech for more than 10 times, but I still want to listen to it again and again. Really enjoyed it and also learnt a lot from such a great speech!
Looking forward to seeing more wonderful stuff from you in future.

Hello Kaofeng,
Thank you so much for your comment - it really cheered us up!
We're glad to hear that our Professionals Podcasts are helping your English and hope that the rest of the Business English section on LearnEnglish is also useful for you.
There will be more 'wonderful stuff' from us soon - including more Professionals Podcasts!
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This is a very good site for learn enlish. I want to learn english to communicate with each other in workplace & to find out job.
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Hello Hatibabu!
Welcome to LearnEnglish - glad you like the site! Just see the website as a library, and borrow whatever interests you! A good place to start is our Elementary Podcasts. These are short radio shows about different topics. To help your listening, vocabulary and grammar, you can read the transcripts and do the exercises. You can talk to other learners in the comments, too. For job English, try some of our business magazine articles, and watch out for our Job Hunt series, coming soon.
Don't forget that we also have a search box. Put a topic you're interested in into the box – like 'meeting people' or 'job hunting' - and you'll get a list of pages about that topic.
We have a lot of different levels on the site, so don't worry if something is too hard – find something easier, and come back to it later. Just try to look at something every day!
One other thing though - CAPITAL LETTERS looks like you are shouting, so please turn off caps lock ;)
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Thank you Sandra!
It's always nice to hear people appreciate our work. Good luck with your studies!
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