Listen to an interview with a retired doctor, Rajan Mehta, about his life working in the UK.

Professionals Podcasts - English for Medicine - A Doctor's View


Do the Preparation task first. Then listen to the audio. Next go to each Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the transcript at any time.

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Hi drtselim,
Thanks for your comments. On the contrary, I would recommend that this site remains entirely British. You can find American accents on other sites. As AdamJK clearly put it,
it is good to be consistent. One way of being consistent will consist in keeping the content of this website British. I hope you get what I mean. Thanks a lot and take care

The more I study English in this website, the more interesting am I. I can improve my Listening skill also study many new words. Although there are many words I can't listen clearly because the difference of accent. But I hope that I can improve this.
All the best

hello everybody,
i've just registered and i'm trying to download the listening a doctor's view but i can't find the page!!!!!
help me please!!!

you can not open or can't find it after download?

Hi British Council,

Pediatrician and paediatrician are both correct spelling, right? I wrote pediatrician on question number 6 and it was marked x. When I read the script it spells paediatrician. How about in IELTS test what spelling is allowed? Some of American English and British English words have the same meaning but do not have the same spelling. I am going to take IELTS soon and I am confused about the spelling. Since IELTS is in British, are we allowed to use British English spelling only?

Hi Matt,
Thanks for your comment. This page is not part of our IELTS section, so you shouldn't use it as a guide to how IELTS test is marked.
To answer your question about IELTS, you can use American or British English in the test, although in the writing paper you should be consistent and try not to use a mixture of different spellings in the same text. You can see this information here on the official IELTS website.
Note that in the text in task 3, the writer uses British English, so you would expect him to use the British spelling of words. However, I've changed the exercise so that it accepts the American spelling as well.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

excellent listening and review questions also.
thanks a lot
daniel from Uruguay

Hi BC team
I think it would be more interesting to have more audio clips like this one but in different  English accents, it may be beneficial for overseas doctors who come to   England for work or study and they are placed in different regions

I am also a doctor and I hope to complete my studies i UK.We need more training in english  for medical professionals.

Yes, we need more training in English.