Listen to a radio programme in which people from three companies talk about their experiences of going global.

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Nguyen thi Binh

Hello nguyenthibinh,

We use 'as much as' with uncountable nouns. With countable nouns we would say 'as many as'.

We use 'as much of' when we are talking about what proportion of a specific or limited group, and 'as much' when we are simply talking about an amount. For example:

She drank as much tea as I did. [we are talking only about the amounts]

She drank as much of the tea as me. [we are talking about a limited total - the tea that was there]

I hope that helps to clarify it for you.

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The LearnEnglish Team

Going Global is the mantra for many business. Gone are those days when you confine yourselves to a family oriented business serving your local region. People are mobile. There is transfer of technologies from one country to another and revolution in communication channels has bridged the distance between countries.The world has become one.

yes, but there is a great risk about this: we are loosing the quality of the products.

thank you for these important topics ,

surely, globalization is an opprotunity, becuse, enlarging the market orizont, there are more opprtunities to do business. it's also an opportunity for clients, because a global mnarket has the consequences to reduce prices. but, what about the product quality?? what about manufacturer activities? what about small industries??

Thank you very much for such interesting topics. Globalization, in my opinion, has its own opportunities, threats and challenges.

Thank you for this great important podcast

Globalization is an opportunity to many companies to expand their sales and increase their profit. They need to have good analysis of the global market, identify where their company stand, their competitors, their strengths and weakness and etc. Analysis tools like SWOT analysis, Michael Porter's five forces analysis and etc could be helpful.
A good management team and fantastic services or innovative products are definitely the key terms to success in globalization!

Globalization it's not good for all, because  big company eat small company. I live in Estonia and I see it in our shops. Only a few of products from our country.