Listen to an extract of an interview with a professor of Business Studies about the subject of motivation.

Professionals Podcasts - Motivation in the workplace


Do the Preparation task first. Then listen to the audio. Next go to each Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the transcript at any time.

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I am new in site to study business English. i need the clear about "Preparation task" that is from where i start...

Hello suman_mia,

Yes, that is correct. The pages are designed with the tasks in the suggested order. Remember that most pages also contain a transcript so after doing all the tasks you can listen and read the text at the same time to finish.


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Hello every body! I hope you are happy like me enjoying this amazing site. Thank you for your dedication friends. By the way, I would like improve the prepositions use. It such difficult to me...I know practice is the key, but if you have an advice to me in order to boost in this topic, I'll appreciate your support. Regards,

Good day!

How are we going to check the answers for reference, Sir?

Hello mei,

After you press the Finish button, it turns into the Show Answers button. If you press Show Answers, you can see the correct answers.

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Thank you very much, Kirk.
I'm really enjoying this site. I hope you'll download more of these as it is a good practice for us who are working abroad. :)
Have a nice day ahead! :)

Hello Nusly Martinez,

Thank you for your nice comment! It's good to hear we're helping people.

Prepositions are used in a number of ways and familiarising yourself with these different ways is a good idea. For example, prepositions are used to show position/location, direction/movement and time. They are used with some verbs to form multi-word verbs. They also collocate with certain adjectives and certain verbs. My suggestion would be to type 'preposition' into the search window on the right of the page (look for the magnifying glass symbol near the top of the page) and take a look at the results, which will guide you to useful pages.

Good luck!


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thanks for your answer .

Thank you a lot Peter M. for your suggestion. I feel so happy with Brittish Council job...I'm enjoying and studing every day. Thank you again... and the most important, I'm sharing with my colleagues, relatives and friends, about how to learn English besides other interesting topics in this site.

this website is so interesting to learn english. the articles are very helpful . We not only learn english but also learn experiences and skills in our life. Thanks for all