Listen to an extract of an interview with a professor of Business Studies about the subject of motivation.

Professionals Podcasts - Motivation in the workplace


Do the Preparation task first. Then listen to the audio. Next go to each Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the transcript at any time.

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He i am really delighted to listen this motivation speech , being  a manager in Abbott Lab Pak Ltd , i always listen my juniors, motivate then morally, guide them individually and make right decision to have them remained busy in selling medical products. Definitely i managers role is to sell the benefits of the company to the juniors so that they can do  well for company as well as for themselves. 

Hello everybody
Can you tell me what is opposite of "job enrichment"?
Thanh you

Hello thangdinh,

'Job enrichment' does not really have an opposite as it is a phrase invented to describe a phenomenon that is being proposed and so is not widely known or acknowledged. If we wanted to create an opposite then the best term would probably be 'job impoverishment' as 'impoverishment' is a good antonym for 'enrichment'. This would be an invented term, however, so if we wanted to use it in communication then we would need to explain what we mean by it, of course.

You can find more information on the concept of 'job enrichment' here:

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The LearnEnglish Team

Hi Peter
Thank you for your feedback.
Now I understand the mean of 'job enrichment'. Last time I miss-understand

Hello Learn English team ...
thanks for this great site , it  help me very much .
I have a problem with writing ,  I always write (e) instead (i) and (i) instead (e)  .
How can I improve my skills in writing and write without mistakes? 

Hi ahlami,
Thanks for your feedback - it's always great to hear that users find LearnEnglish useful!
English spelling is not easy, and different people like different methods to learn to spell correctly. I would recommend that you experiment: perhaps you could make lists of words that you find especially difficult, or make flash cards. You could also write practice texts and then check them with a spell checker (just do an internet search for "spell checker" and you'll find one).
It's also essential that you read and write as much as possible - the more you see words spelled correctly, the better you will remember them.
I hope this helps you!
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Hello LearnEnglish Team
I would like to know whether you have the business english lessons , i really need it to improve my english at work..

Hello Meta Fajarini,
Have you tried our Business & Work section?  It has materials specially designed for exactly that.
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The LearnEnglish Team

It's really good to find these podcasts, they help me a lot to improve my understanding ability. I'd like to have an IELTS exam in the near future. The question of mine is how can I imagine the listening task of that exam? Is it on the level of these professional podcasts or completely different, and closer to the everyday speech (e.g. films, or radio) witch I can hardly to understand exactly?
Thanks for your help!