How did Shakespeare make it big in London? Find out as actor and producer Ben Crystal explores the places in London where Shakespeare worked.





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The buildings that Shakespeare would have known
Why here they use this form of time? Why they just don't use Past Simple?

Hello VictoriaNY,

Both 'knew' and 'would have known' are grammatically possible here but there is a difference in meaning. If we use 'knew' then we are talking about a fact - we are saying that we know which buildings these were and are certain about this. If we say 'would have known' then we are speculating - it is a form of prediction (guessing) in the past. Compare:

The place where he went was.... [we know for sure]

The place where he would have gone was... [we do not know but think we have a good idea of what was likely]


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The LearnEnglish Team

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I did not want to move away from my home, a small village located by a creek. However, I had to move to the capital city, Yangon formerly known as Rangoon, since I passed my matriculation. The village is usually quiet, clean surroundings, planting fields that they are almost smokeless. Sadly, I never been to my home since then except a short visit likely the relatives’ occasions. Hence, one of main reasons the young are moving to the cities is education.

The main cities always attract young talent, because there are more opportunities than the rural areas. But, it has been changing recently, the main cities are quite rough and dangerous, while in the rural areas people are genteel, poor but happy.
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"The buildings that Shakespeare would have known were destroyed in 1666 in the Great Fire of London¨
we have two action in the past, why we don't say ' ...Shakespeare had known were destroyed....' Idon't realize the use of the word 'would' here.

Hello ionnanioti,

'Would' is used here because there is an element of speculation. We don't know for sure that Shakespeare knew the buildings but we speculate that he did, so 'would have known' is used.


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it is perfect, shakespere´s groups rebuilt the globe. it like me.