Carmen talks to a white-water rafting expert and a parkour enthusiast.


Do the Preparation task first. Then watch the video. Next go to Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the transcript at any time.

Task 1

Vocabulary Task

Choose the right group for each of the words.


Task 2

Listening Task

Watch and listen.

Choose the correct answers, according to the video.





For task 1, only two fillings are available for the 6 items. I can't see other 4?

Hello Akbar Safi,

The task here is a grouping task, so you need to put each items into one of the two categories. To do so, just click on an item and then click on the group where you think it belongs. Do this for each item in turn so that you end up with two groups.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

OK Sir. I got your point. Thank you!

Dear supporters,
In task 1, when I click on one word it appears in the gap, but when I click on another word the word from the gap gets back in the row above, (I can put only one word in the group) I can't finish the task, please help.

Dear freddy77,

What you have to do is click or press on the small hands in the boxes to move the words. For example, if you move 'drops' into the second box and then want to move 'foaming' there, too, you must click or press on the small hand in the 'foaming' box and then click or press on the small hand in the 'drops' box. Then, both of them should stay where they belong.

It's a bit difficult to describe, so if you need me to explain it again, please ask.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

It's working :) , thank you for your help.

Hello, can you explain the meaning of the phrase " I really enjoy the freedom of just you ".

The freedom to be and can count only on your-self, I suppose.

Hello Tuan Hung,

Here Pas seems to have left out the word 'being' – in other words what I think he means is 'I really enjoy the freedom of being just you and nature'. We often leave out words that we think are redundant (this is called 'ellipsis') and I think that must be why he's left it out here.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

I know rock climbing, skiing in high altitude, windsurfing in big waves,high diving, mountain bike in extreme conditions but I don't know anyone doing it.
In my country, some people kite surf or windsurf, high dive.