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I had met a good friend of mine while we both were looking for a shadowed place to eat in a school camp, we walked through the park and we found a nuts tree, we climbed on it to get some nuts, but the branch where we stood broked and we fell to the ground. Luckily we didn't broke any bone and retororned to our group with some smiles and delicius nuts.

"What put you into the world?"

Is the above sentence grammatically correct without using auxiliary verb to make the sentence interrogative?

Please explain it, dear sit.

Hello Educator Ashraful,

Yes, that is correct. If you said 'What did you put into the world?', 'you' should be the subject of 'put'. In the question as you phrased it, 'what' is the subject of the verb 'put'.

You might want to see our Questions and negatives page for more on this topic in general.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Thank you so much for giving such an important expectation and suggesting, dear sir.

Hi! I've always like learning languages, this method is very good.

Hi Adolfo Felipe,

Since I know Spanish, I translated your message into English. We are very happy to hear from you, but please be sure to write in English.

We look forward to hearing from you again!

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When I start my study of electrical engineering in the university, I see some vietnamese girls but one of them, I knew after, she wasn't Vietnamese but she was from Ecuador and now she is my wife.

It's a good video and questios to remember some questions. I liked.