Julia and Sammy meet in a cycling accident! Then they want the same taxi. Will they get on?





Hello I am from Iran and my friend comes from Australia 3 month ago and when I drive in my way He thought that I drive in the wrong side because their cars steering wheel is in the write and ours cars wheel is in the left.

Never met anyone in unusual way.But I remembered that when i was young, exactly when i studies in the culture and art colledge, on the second semester there i had met my old friends after 10 years. I was suprising since seen him. Still this face, his eyes behind the glasses...but he didnt realize me.. Had disappoint a little bit coz he looked me as strange person..pheww .At last, until the end of semester, he realized and then we had a good friendship until now.

Two years ago I met my friend Idauris because she was wearing an unusual bracelet and I made jokes about it, after that she gave me one similar to hers, turns out it's my favorite bracelet.

5 years ago, i met a girl who was my high school classmate at a hospital, she is a nurse. We didn't see for 7 years before. And now, we are husband and wife. we're going to welcome our baby in next year.

it is my first lecon

I met my wife on summer holidays, when I visited a my grandmother.

About thirty or thirty five years ago I was in Berlin in a bar, and I met a man how I had met four months ago.
For me was a surprise becouse Berlin is a big city with al ot of bar and suddely he stand there.
I met my partner thirty years ago in Malaga on the beach.He's German and in that time he learned Spanish.

it is beginning of my path.

I meet an interested girl in sport club, more and less four years ago, when we are waiting for some sport drinks in a market place, suddenly she went outside and forgot her water bottle. I picked up the bottle and gave it to her, then we talked for some minutes.