Julia and Sammy meet in a cycling accident! Then they want the same taxi. Will they get on?





My overall level of English is B1 close to B2 but there were words in the video that I understood only after listening twice.So I guess my listening level is A and that means I should work harder on this section to improve my listening skills.Also I would like to see more exercises checking the understanding of video.Thank you.

This is a good start to catch up with my English Level: go ahead and go forward.
Thank you British Council!

Hey guys,
No, I haven't met anyone in an unusual way yet, seems things like that happens only in movies, once they haven't happened to us.

Not to boast about it, but rather to keep track of how I was doing - and to check if I easily can find bacl to my own comments in here (Yes; I am new user of today :)) I decided to add this comment :)

I can't open this clip.Could you tell me how should I do.

Hello Jesmine,

I'm sorry you're having problems with the video, but I'm afraid I don't see any problems with the video. It works for me. You might want to try using a different browser to view it. If that doesn't work, could you please tell us what kind of device and what browser version you are using? We'll do our best to help you.

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Me and my partner met at work. Both of us work on board a cruise liner. It was fate from the very first hello.

Very good

hello every one!
This clip is very funny really and interesting really. I met allot of my friends unusual stuations.

I heard many stories like that, But for me, nothing happens. I hope.